The notion of process finds its root in the term of Latin origin processus. As reported by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) , this concept describes the move forward or move forward at pass of the time and at set of successive stages warned in a natural phenomenon or necessary to realize an artificial operation.

From the perspective of right , a process is the addition and assessment of written documentation in any civil or criminal case that serves to understand and clarify the facts.

In the field of biology , is understood by Evolutionary process to the continuous transformations of the species as a result of modifications developed in successive generations. In this context, biological evolution can be seen in the alteration of allelic frequencies of a given population .

Finally, it must be said that in the computing , a process is a set of procedures or functions that have one or more objectives. Computer programs and applications can execute more than one process simultaneously, helped or not by a multi-core processor . This way of working is known as multi-threading, which comes from English and could be translated as multiple threads . An example of this can be in a game that has a process for background music, another for the drawing of its characters and scenarios and a third for artificial intelligence.

Process in the area of ​​psychology

In the field of psychology we talk about cognitive processes to refer to the psychological mechanisms that are linked to the perception , memorization, and the capacities to attend, remember and think, which are considered fundamental in the functioning of the psyche of every human being.

In order for them to develop, the correct functioning of various areas of the brain and, in case any of these processes cannot be developed within the parameters of the normal , there is evidence of an injury or some type of disorder in any of these brain regions.

The study of cognitive processes is something implemented by the psychology modern but that has allowed to reach highly significant conclusions as far as the understanding of the brain is concerned.

The process in the economy and industry

Within the framework of the economy , talk about productive process to mention the transformation of inputs (inputs) into outputs (goods and services), thanks to the use of physical, technological and human resources, among others.

On the other hand, it is interesting to note that a business process It is based on various logically linked activities that are carried out in order to obtain a specific business result. In this context, each business process has its own inputs, functions and outputs.

For the industry, the so-called manufacturing process or industrial process It consists in putting into practice all the operations that are needed to modify the particularities of each raw material. In general, to obtain a certain product, various individual operations are required.

National Reorganization Process

To close this definition we will give the definition of National Reorganization Process , name given to the military dictatorship that came to power through force in Argentina during the period from 1976 to 1983.

It started with a coup where the government of María Estela Martínez de Perón was overthrown; thereafter the Armed Forces began to represent the supreme power of the country, not only choosing presidents who belonged to the agency, but also removing from office all those who were not part of it and placing there people linked to the Armed Forces .

The fundamental characteristics of this period of Argentine history were the repression which was taken to unimaginable limits, with innumerable tortures, state terrorism, crimes against humanity and endless human rights violations. Thousands of people disappeared in the hands of the military, of which only some appeared, others are known to have been killed, and a large number of their whereabouts are unknown.

Violence not only went on the side of the Armed forces , but the parapolicial group also collaborated in the massacre Triple A and certain guerrilla organizations, such as the ERP (which defended the Marxist-Guevarist ideology) and Montoneros (supported Peronism).

In economic , the process (short name with which the undemocratic government of this period is defined) radically modified certain economic customs, imposing the neoliberal model set by the economist of the Chicago School. Some of the measures were deindustrialization and a focus on growth in the financial sector and the monopoly of land in the hands of large landowners. During this time poverty grew considerably , and some researchers say that the crisis subsequently experienced in the country was possibly a consequence of the lousy management of the economy that took place during the military dictatorship .

The presidents who held office during the military government were: Videla, Viola, Galtieri and Bignone .

In 1982, after having led the country to neglect, having savagely killed innocent beings and ruined the lives of many others, imposing strength and fear as the undisputed protagonists of social life, the military called for elections. Seeing that their power was weakening more and more and that they would not manage to stay in command for many more time. It was the year 1983 when he assumed the first president of the democratic stage after that disastrous period, it was Raúl Alfonsín.