According to the definitions presented by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) on the word research (word that has its origin in Latin investigare), this verb refers to the act of carry out strategies to discover something . It also makes it possible to mention the set of activities of an intellectual and experimental nature of a systematic nature, with the intention of increasing knowledge about a given subject.

In that sense, it can be said that a investigation is determined by the data inquiry or the search for solutions for certain inconveniences . It should be noted that an investigation, especially in the scientific field, is a systematic process (Information is obtained from a pre-established plan that, once assimilated and examined, will modify or add knowledge to existing ones), organized (it is necessary to specify the details linked to the study) and objective (Their conclusions do not rely on a subjective opinion, but on episodes that have previously been observed and evaluated).

Some synonyms for the word investigate are: investigate, inspect, explore, examine and track . In its most precise sense it implies a search for something precise through an exhaustive analysis based on a certain method.

With a scientific rigor Research is a series of procedures that are carried out in order to reach new reliable knowledge about a fact or phenomenon that, once found, can help us establish conclusions and solutions to circumstances caused by them.

The tasks performed within the framework of a investigative procedure they include the measurement of phenomena, the comparison of the results obtained and the interpretation of these based on the knowledge that is possessed. Surveys or surveys can also be carried out to meet the proposed objective.

It should be clarified that in a Investigation process several aspects are involved, such as the nature of the phenomenon of study, the questions that scientists or researchers formulate, the hypotheses or paradigms that have been previously established and the methodology which is used for the analysis.

When posing a research problem, it is necessary have arguments interesting that make the work necessary, so that it helps to expand the universal knowledge that they have on that subject or to reach possible solutions to problems that the phenomenon studied presents. For that it is necessary to argue convincingly and then carry out the study trying to corroborate or elucidate the potholes that the hypotheses present.

In this argument the following issues must be taken into account:
* Choose the exact question about what we will investigate;
* Choose the type of analysis that will be used;
* Perform an analysis on scientific, ethical and social trends what is around the problem;
* Prevent possible difficulties ;
*Create a document protocol type where we explain our research;
* Perform a reliable research with its consequent written result.

It is a procedure systematic, thoughtful, and critical whose purpose is to interpret phenomena and their relationships with a specific reality.

Some thinkers facing the term

According Kerlinger , is a critical, empirical and controlled research on natural phenomena that develops from a theory and hypothesis about the supposed relationships between phenomena and consequences.

For its part, Arias He says that the set of methods that are used to solve problems must be defined as research, carrying out logical operations that start from specific objectives and use scientific analysis to provide answers.

This leads us to say that from the point of view of theoretical thinking , the investigation consists of a formal process that is carried out systematically and intensively and that seeks to control facts that are a consequence of a specific action or cause and that uses a method of scientific analysis.

Finally it remains to say that there are two great ways to catalog an investigation: one is that of the basic investigation (also known as pure or fundamental ), which usually has a laboratory as a workplace and allows the expansion of scientific knowledge thanks to the impulse and / or the modification of theories ; and the other is that of the applied research , which is characterized by taking advantage of accumulated knowledge for specific issues raised in practice.

Research can also be classified according to the degree of interaction between the disciplines involved (multidisciplinary , interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary ).