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Intrapersonal intelligence


The intelligence It is a notion that has its most remote origin in Latin smart, a word composed of two other words: intus ("between" ) and legere ("choose" ). The term, therefore, is related to who knows how to choose or select the best options to solve a problem.

It is possible to talk about different types of intelligence depending on the context: biological intelligence (linked to the ability to adapt to new situations), the psychological intelligence (cognitive ability, relationship and learning ), emotional intelligence (the ability to recognize and manage own and other people's feelings), etc.

The Intrapersonal intelligence refers to the self-understanding ability . It is one of the components of the multiple intelligences of Howard Gardner , who proposed the existence of multiple types of intelligence.

In this case, intrapersonal intelligence is associated with access to one's emotional and emotional life . It is, therefore, the faculty of person To know herself.

Specifically, we can establish that every individual who has intrapersonal intelligence is characterized by being someone with the following hallmarks:
• Bet at all times for meditation.
• Frequently submits himself to introspection.
• Has high self-esteem.
• It is identified by being perfectly aware of the present, how it is, what it has in this life and where it is heading.
• Knows how to perfectly recognize their qualities and defects.
• Is able to master your emotions and adapt them to the needs you have or the situations you are living.
• You are perfectly trained to regulate and control stress or your thoughts.
• It is someone who always, when setting goals, is aware of reality. Hence, set goals that you can meet.

By identifying their emotions, the subject can interpret them and guide their conduct . The meditation and the reflection They are among the ways that help increase self-knowledge and develop intrapersonal intelligence.

Experts say that intrapersonal intelligence helps each individual to notice how he really is and what he really wants. Thus, by clearly seeing your true desires and desires, you can direct your behavior towards those goals.

There are many activities and exercises that exist when any citizen can carry out an improvement in their intrapersonal intelligence. In this regard, we should emphasize that the following can be undertaken:
• Write an autobiography or diary.
• Make a list with all the qualities that are possessed and that are beneficial both to find a job and to have optimal social relationships.
• Write another list where “failures” are established and where those that are considered to be improved are determined.
• Reflect on the point where you are and where you want to go.
• Set real goals that can be met in the short or medium term.

"My intrapersonal intelligence" Finally, it is a song by the Argentine rock group Intoxicated , edited on disk "Good day" (2001).