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Subtraction Vectors


Vector It is a notion that has several uses. It may be the agent that is responsible for moving a thing from one place to another; of a projection with intensity and characteristics that vary; of a magnitude that has an application point, a direction and a direction; or of the organism capable of transmitting certain diseases.

That is, a vector is a tool that gives the opportunity to undertake the representation of vector quantities, which not only need a sense but also a direction and also a specific amount.

The notion of vector subtraction It is used in mathematics . In this case, the vector is a magnitude that is plotted as a segment that has its origin in a point a and it is oriented towards its end (the point B ). The vector, therefore, is a segment AB .

Vector subtraction is an operation that is performed with two of these segments . To perform the subtraction of two vectors, what is done is to take a rector and add its opposite .

Suppose we want to perform the following subtraction: AB - DE, being AB (-3, 4) and DE (5, -2) according to the position of the vectors in the Cartesian plane . Given what has been said about the sum of the opposite, we should consider the operation in this way:

(-3, 4) - (5, -2)
(-3-5, 4+2)
(-8, 6)

As you can see, to -3 we add the opposite of 5 (that is to say, -5) while to 4 we add the opposite of -2 (that is, 2). Thus, the result of this subtraction of vectors is (-8, 6).

If, instead, we had added the vectors, the operation It was simpler since it was enough to add the components:

(-3, 4) + (5, -2)
(-3 + 5, 4-2)
(2, 2)

It is considered that adding vectors is much less complicated than proceeding to subtract them. And to undertake the first operation, all you have to do is put the beginning of the second after what is the end of the first, the start of the third from what is the end of the second and so in a way successively, until making use of each and every one of the vectors with which you want to operate.

Other important aspects to take into account about the vectors and the operations that can be undertaken with them are the following:
-Add, subtract and multiply are the operations that can be performed with them.
-When proceeding to the addition or subtraction of the vectors, what is achieved is to obtain another vector and this can be achieved by different types of procedures, numerical or geometric.
-The subtraction can be carried out through the given Cartesian coordinates of the vectors, both in space and in what would be the plane.
-You can combine the addition and subtraction of vectors in space.
-The opposite of any vector always has the same measure as this but is in the opposite direction.